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Ladder Association User / Inspection

Course Details

Course Overview

Ladder Association user and inspection paperwork including Code of PracticeThis course combines the user course with additional theoretical and practical instruction and assessment to enable you to carry out and correctly document detailed periodic and interim inspections of ladders and step ladders in your workplace.

Who Should Attend

This ladder association training course is for you if you need to inspect and maintain ladders & step ladders in your workplace.

How Many Per Course

Maximum 8 people.

Theory presentation covering regulations and guidance on using and inspecting ladders and stepladders for work at height:

  • Current legislation
  • Code of practice

Assessment activities:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Selecting, Carrying, Setting Up and Using Ladders & Step Ladders
  • Ladder / Step Ladder Inspection & Documentation

This is a full day training course, typically 8.30 - 4.30.

You will receive a copy of the Ladder Association's Code Of Practice, comprehensive course notes, and a document set (in electronic form) to allow you to set up a ladder inspection system when you return to your place of work.

Courses held at our training centres include free hot and cold drinks, a quality lunch and free parking.

If successful, you will receive a Ladder Association Certificate of Competency, and a Photo-ID card, both valid for 5 years.

You will need to bring suitable PPE including safety footwear, a hard hat, gloves, and a hi-visibility vest or coat. Warm clothing should also be brought in cold weather.

PLEASE NOTE: You may be refused entry onto the course practical if you do not have the appropriate PPE

This course is run in English. To attend this course you must be literate and have a good command of English.

You should be fit and healthy enough to be capable of lifting, carrying, setting up, manoeuvring and inspecting ladders and step ladders without endangering or hindering yourself or anyone else at the training venue


Ladders - Ladder Association Ladder and Step Ladder User and Inspection Course Dates