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PASMA - Low Level Access Course

Course Details

PASMA - Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association and Image from PASMA training course, aluminium tower under construction

A half day course (typically 8.00am to 12.00pm) for anyone in your organisation that uses low level access products (i.e. with a platform height of no more than 2.5m).

The need for this course has resulted from the rapid growth of products such as podium steps, micro-scissors, and folding room scaffolds since the introduction of the Work at Height Regulations in 2005.


Added Value
Our PASMA training courses now include a PASMA inspection tag, hart had hat(with chin strap),gloves, a hi-vis vest, and a spirit level for each candidate Our PASMA Low Level Access course offers the option of purchasing  a tower user's safety kit for each candidate, ensuring that they are properly equipped to complete their training. The top quality safety kit items can also be used once the candidate returns to work.

Click here for details of the tower user's safety kit...




Course Outline

  • Legislation
  • Standards
  • Guidance & Information
  • Low Level Access Options
  • Components, Inspection & Maintenance
  • Assembly & Dismantle
  • Hazards
  • DVD
  • Your responsibilities
  • Written & Practical Assessments

Successful candidates will receive a PASMA Certificate Of Competency and a Photo-ID card valid for 5 years.


Availability / Location
We can offer you a choice of well equipped training centres at strategic locations throughout the UK, or, subject to suitable facilities and equipment being available, the training can be conducted on your premises (please contact us to discuss this).

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