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PASMA - Training Standard Course at Wednesbury

Course Details

PASMA Training - Towers for Users Course

A one day training course (typically 8.30am to 4.30pm) for anyone in your organisation that uses aluminium alloy or fibreglass mobile access towers*.

The PASMA Towers for Users Training Course is designed for prefabricated mobile access towers manufactured in aluminium alloy or fibreglass which meet PASMA's product approval criteria and which carry a current British Standard or other equivalent mark of approval (BS EN 1004: 2004).

Full Legal Compliance and Awareness

Using our tried and tested blend of classroom-based theory and hands-on experience, your staff can develop an awareness of the legal implications, common hazards and precautions, together with the correct inspection, assembly, use, re-positioning and dismantling procedures for mobile access towers.


No. of People Training Cost
+VAT (per person)
Optional PPE Kit
+VAT (per person)
Combined Cost
+VAT (per person)
1 to 4 £150.00 £15.00 £165.00
4 to 9  £140.00 £15.00 £155.00
10+ £130.00 £15.00 £145.00

Included in the training course costs are:

  • PASMA Candidate Registration Fee
  • Refreshments Throughout the day
  • Lunch (If you have any special dietary needs, let us know when you arrive)
  • All Course Handouts

Added Value
Our PASMA training courses now include a PASMA inspection tag, hart had hat(with chin strap),gloves, a hi-vis vest, and a spirit level for each candidate

Our Our PASMA Towers for Users Course offers the option of purchasing a tower user's safety kit for each candidate, ensuring that they are properly equipped to complete their training and have the correct equipment when they return to work with their new skills. Comprising:-

  • PASMA Inspection Tag
  • Onsite Safety Cards
  • Operator Safety Helmet with Chin Strap
  • High Visibility Waistcoat
  • Gloves
  • Rucksack

Click here for full details of the tower user's safety kit...

Purchased at time of booking the tower user's safety kit kit is offered at a discounted price of £10 for equipment valued at £25.00!

Please Note: If you do not purchase the tower user's safety kit when booking the course you will then need to bring your own safety helmet, hi-vis vest and gloves.

More hands-on practical experience...

All All PASMA Towers for Users courses now include hands-on practical demonstrations and assessments of both the 3T and the Advance Guardrail assembly and dismantling methods.

*PASMA Standard Course is designed for mobile access towers manufactured in aluminium alloy or fibreglass, approved to BS1139 part 3 1994 (HD1004) and which carry a current British Standard or other equivalent mark of approval

Course Outline:

  • Aims & objectives
  • Legal overview - health & safety
  • British & European standards
  • Guidance & information
  • Tower components, inspection & maintenance
  • "Don't fall for it!" - Recommended assembly methods video
  • Tower assembly & dismantle
  • Tower stability & tying-in
  • Hazards
  • Your responsibilities

Certification (valid for 5 years)

Successful delegates will receive:

PASMA Competency Certificate
Encapsulated photo ID card verifying certification
Copy of the PASMA Code of Practice


COMPOSITE IMAGE showing PASMA certificate, ID Card, Course Notes and Code of Practice

Availability / Location

We can offer a choice of off-site training locations throughout the UK, or, subject to suitable facilities and equipment being available, the training can be conducted on your premises. This course is also available as an Open Course at our training centres throughout the UK.


PASMA - PASMA - Towers for Users Course/ West Midlands Course Dates