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IPAF Operator Training Course (Saturday)

Course Details

Course overview

This course instructs an operator to select, prepare and safely operate various types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). Training is available for different categories of MEWP, and it is possible to combine multiple categories into a single course,( subject to the strict rules of the IPAF training scheme, see ‘How many per course’ below)

Who should attend

The IPAF Operator course is for anyone who needs to use MEWPs safely in the workplace

How many per course

Single category – Maximum 6 candidates per instructor

Two categories – Maximum 4 candidates per instructor

Regulations & guidance

MEWP categories

Structural parts

Pre-use inspection & familiarisation

Safe operating methods and hazards

Theory test

Practical training & assessment

1-2 days training (depending on experience), with a minimum of 7 hours tuition (per day)

Although it is not a condition of entry to have any prior knowledge, experience or qualifications, we strongly recommend that inexperienced/novice operators should book a two day course to ensure that adequate practical experience can be gained before their assessment

Courses held at our training centres include free hot and cold drinks, a quality lunch and free parking

Successful candidates will receive a certificate of training, a ‘smart’ photo-ID card (both valid for 5 years), and a log book to keep a record of MEWP operating experience

You will need to bring suitable PPE including safety footwear, a hard hat and a hi-visibility vest or coat. Warm clothing should also be brought in cold weather. Where harnesses are necessary (normally with any boom-type machine) we can either lend you one on the day, or you can buy one as part of the MEWP Operators Safety Kit.

PLEASE NOTE: You may be refused entry onto the course practical if you do not have the appropriate PPE

This course is run in English. Anyone attending this course must be able to read and understand safety notices, course literature, test questions and answers, verbal instructions and manufacturer’s instruction manuals.

They should also be reasonably fit and in good health, with no uncorrected issues likely to endanger or hinder themselves, or anyone else at the training venue.



MEWP / Hydraulic Work Platform Operator Training

MEWP / Hydraulic Work Platform Operator Training This International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) operator training course is for anyone who operates category 3a and 3b hydraulic work platforms (see our article on IPAF categories here).

If you are unsure that these are the right categories for you, or you require training on different categories, please call us on 0333 666 1881.

Explanation of IPAF 3a and 3b categories



Training Cost
+VAT (per person)
Optional PPE Kit
+VAT (per person)
Combined Cost
+VAT (per person)
£225 £49.95 £274.95

Included in the training cost are:

  • IPAF Candidate Registration Fee
  • Refreshments Throughout the Day
  • Lunch (If you have any special dietary needs, let us know when you arrive)
  • All Course Handouts

PPE Requirements
IPAF safety harness kit comprising, safety harness and restraint lanyard recommended and approved by the HSE and IPAF, safety glasses with neck cord and storage pouch, safety helmet and chin strap, hi-vis waistcoat and a useful storage rucksack. The following PPE is required for the IPAF Operator Course:

  • Safety Helmet with Chin Strap
  • Safety Glasses
  • High Visibility Waistcoat
  • Full Body Safety Harness with Short/Adjustable Restraint Lanyard
  • Safety Footwear

We therefore recommend that you opt to include our harness safety kit(s) when you book the course; if you do, the kits will cost just £49.95 + VAT (for equipment valued at £85!). This will ensure that you are correctly equipped for the course, and for operating MEWPs after the successful completion of your training.

Please note: The kit includes the items listed above, with the exception of safety footwear that you must provide yourself on the day.

If you do not opt to include the kit(s) when booking the course, you will need to bring your own PPE (if you don't have a suitable harness/lanyard we can loan you one).

Purchasing the safety harness kit from us will also ensure that you are notified when the formal inspection of the harness is required so that you will not be prevented from going on-site. Details of our harness inspection services can be view here.

Click here for details of the harness safety kit...

Customer Feedback
"really good presentation and explanations. I felt I really have learned something, brilliant instructor and facilities."

Course Objectives
To provide delegates with the essential knowledge required to operate MEWP’s efficiently and safely.

Who will Benefit
All those in your organisation who use, supervise or manage the use of powered access scissor lifts, self-propelled boom lifts, trailer mounted booms lifts and aerial work platforms.

  • Introduction
  • MEWP Categories
  • Structural Parts
  • Regulations
  • Pre-use Inspection/Handover
  • Safe Operating Methods and Hazards
  • Theory Test Pass or Fail
  • Practical training
  • Practical Assessment Pass or Fail
  • Licence Renewal & Log books

Successful delegates will receive an IPAF Powered Access Licence (PAL) Operator Card, an IPAF Certificate of Competency, a safety guide and an IPAF log book.

IPAF Certificate, Operator Safety Guide, Trained Operator Log Book and PAL Card

Number of Delegates
With a single instructor, IPAF limits the number of candidates to 4 (two categories), or 6 (one category)

Training Method
Lectures, video, printed course material, demonstration, practical use.

Course Duration
IPAF Operator training courses are one day (typically 8.30am to 4.30pm).

Availability / Location
We can offer a choice of off-site training locations throughout the UK, or, subject to suitable facilities and equipment being available, the training can be conducted on your premises. This course is also available as an Open Course at our training centres throughout the UK.

Weekend Courses - IPAF Operator Course Dates

Date Location Places Comments Price From  
Sat 30/09/17
Start Time:
End Time:
London/Essex 2 3a Mobile Vertical and 3b Mobile Boom **SATURDAY*** £200.00 Book
Date Location Places Comments Price From  
Sat 04/11/17
Start Time:
End Time:
London/Essex 4 3a Mobile Vertical and 3b Mobile Boom **SATURDAY*** £200.00 Book
Sat 18/11/17
Start Time:
End Time:
London/Essex 4 3a Mobile Vertical and 3b Mobile Boom **SATURDAY*** £200.00 Book
Sat 25/11/17
Start Time:
End Time:
London/Essex 4 3a Mobile Vertical and 3b Mobile Boom **SATURDAY*** £200.00 Book