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Great News !!! 

Kingfisher Access are happy to announce the latest eLearning course released by IPAF following the success of the IPAF Operator eLearning Module from the 1st May you will also be able to complete the  MEWPS for Managers (MM) remotely.

Book now and pay our extra special offer price of £125 + VAT*

*(offer available till 31st July) 

MEWPs for Managers (MM) eLearning Course

IPAF's MM eLearning theory module is a complete training course. The eLearning course delivers flexibility and interactive tools, with emphasis on contextualised on-line training.
If completed successfully the candidate will receive an IPAF MEWPs for Managers certificate which evidences that the holder has successfully completed the training and enables them to plan, supervise and manage MEWP operations safely

The candidate MUST use a computer with a webcam to take this course.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY- PRIOR to candidates purchasing the course, please ensure that all candidates are aware of the criteria that needs to be met to undertake it.  This is to avoid candidates having problems after the course has been assigned to them.

               Criteria that must be met:

  • The training must be conducted on a desktop PC, laptop or large tablet (NOT a mobile phone) with appropriate internet access.
  • The device must have a camera enabled, as facial recognition will be used throughout.
  • They must agree to being photographed for the facial recognition.
  • They should undertake the training alone. If the camera picks up a different or additional face, then the training may cease.

 Details of the IPAF Operator eLearning module can be found here 

and you can book your eLearning course here

Please call the training department on

0333 666 1881

for more details or email us to