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Why Do You Need IPAF Training?

If you're working at height with powered access platforms, scaffolding or any other access equipment, hazards are a part of daily life. So it's absolutely imperative that you've taken care of your own safety and those around you by having comprehensive training provided by experienced professionals.

All training courses should follow the guidelines of the industry body IPAF (The International Powered Access Federation) to ensure that all participants follow health and safety laws. IPAF is the leading provider of quality standard training for powered access machinery and promotes the safe and effective use of all access equipment.

But why do you need IPAF Training?

It may seem obvious to say it but working at height remains one of the biggest causes of major injuries and even fatalities in working situations across the UK. The most common scenario is a fall from a ladder or through fragile surfaces like glass roofs. Therefore the best way to avoid this is to not only use the very best equipment but also ensure that all employees know what must be done to keep people safe and avoid risks such as these.

Thanks to the increase in IPAF training and better education, the number of working at height accidents has thankfully decreased over the past 20 years. Alongside the introduction and use of MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms), training is playing a vital role in making working at height safer and more efficient.

IPAF training is becoming absolutely essential. With ever-evolving work at height regulations affecting your industry, you must ensure that you and any other MEWP operators at your company are trained to use all machinery safely and effectively and stay up-to-date with current legislation and regulations. Whether you're an operator, instructor or manager, IPAF training is crucial to the understanding and safe use of all powered access platforms.

Familiarise yourself before work starts

It is important that you familiarise yourself with all access equipment and procedures before work is commenced. This will ensure that you and any other operators of MEWPs or other access equipment are confident in using the machinery comfortably and safely. Those of you in charge should also ensure the correct tools are available for the job, including the right mobile elevating work platform or other access equipment, and be aware of potential risks.

Where can you train?

While IPAF do not hold the training programmes themselves, they allow certified training centres across the UK to train workers. In fact, over 100,000 people across the world undertake IPAF training programmes every year.

At Kingfisher Access, we are IPAF approved and certified to train MEWP and other access platform operators in all aspects of working at height safety. We operate a wide range of courses, ranging from IPAF operator training and safety harness training to IPAF For Managers, PASMA and ladder training. For our full range of courses, please see our Courses page. Alternatively, you can always discuss your IPAF training requirements with one of our team by calling us today on 0333 666 1881.