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Kingfisher Access


A very well run course, I feel confident using the machines.

I was quite rusty but again, Steve helped to put me at ease enough to manage a pass. Thanks, everything was good!

IPAF 10/10/2019 Hornchurch

The course was well presented and the instructor was knowledgeable on the subject. I left knowing more than I did when I showed up and feel confident in my new abilities.

Course was taught well and to a high standard allowing me to fully understand the process.

IPAF 04/10/2019 Hornchurch

Understood all aspects of what was taught to me and easily understood the way it was explained and demonstrated.

The course was very good and the instructors were very good and helpful!

Excellent service, the best instructors!

IPAF 03/10/2019 Hornchurch

Many thanks to Steve staying longer than intended, allowing me to get 3 licenses in one session, well appreciated!

Very well presented and I've learnt a lot!

IPAF 01/10/2019 Hornchurch

Instructor very clear and precise in giving information throughout. Very good!

Clearly spoken and explained, very helpful and informative.

IPAF 26/09/2019 Hornchurch

Instructor was very clear and professional throughout, easily understood instructions when necessary.

Excellent training course!

IPAF 25/09/2019 Hornchurch

Very knowledgeable instructor in all fields!

110% professional! top class!

IPAF 24/09/2019 Hornchurch

Had a wonderful day!

Very good and friendliest course ever!

Course was delivered very well, instructor's were very knowledgeable! Thank you.

IPAF 20/09/2019 Hornchurch

Very happy with the course. Very good tutors!

Longer time spent on practical side of course. Very pleased with training!

I have got a clear insight on IPAF and all the instructors were positive and I enjoyed my time!

IPAF 18/09/2019 Hornchurch

The best instructor I've come across by far. Keeps the class engaged and fact based with real examples.

IPAF 13/09/2019 Hornchurch