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Page 8 :Kingfisher Access Testimonials

Pleased, very helpful


Very professional

Very understanding teachers.

IPAF 26/01/2019 Hornchurch

Very clear and easy to understand.

Spot on !!!

IPAF 24.01.2019 Hornchurch

Ian was very good at his job. Learnt alot from him ;o) xx

PASMA 06/0/2019 Hornchurch

Good day, Robin was great.

Good tutor, for a Spurs fan!!!

PASMA 18/01/2019 Hornchurch

Very good course and feel I worked/learned a great deal and walked away very competent in all topics covered.

All good thanks

PASMA 16/01/2019 Hornchurch

Instructor was second to none, excellent course, will be using Kingfisher again in the future.

Instructor was really helpful and explained well

Well organised course.

IPAF 06/02/2019 Hornchurch

An amazing tutor with good knowledge about course

Very professional assessors.

IPAF 02/02/2019 Hornchurch

Good Service, friendly

Brilliant course, Top Bloke!!

IPAF 02/01/2019 Hornchurch

Steve was great, refresehed my memory and I learned new things also. Thank you.

IPAF 23/01/2019 Hornchurch

Was a good productive day

Top bloke, learnt a lot.

Great day, learnt loads.

Another good training session, was very helpful for the future.

Another good and productive day.

Excellent course, well delivered and professional.

Great course, enjoyable.

PASMA 21/12/2018 Hornchurch