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Very helpful course

IPAF 24/03/2019 Hornchurch

Everything was spot on, trainer was very good and explained and showed everything thoroughly.

PASMA 15/03/2019 Hornchurch

Great stuff

Well presented course.

To the point and helpful.


Good Course, friendly instructor.

Very relaxed and friendly

IPAF 13/03/2019 Hornchurch

100% Well deserved!


Good Course

Fantastic instructor.

IPAF 11/03/2019 Hornchurch

Great course, George is a brilliant tutor with a lot of knowledge.

George was very knowledgeable and informative, Great course.

IPAF 28/02/2019 Hornchurch

Very good

Thanks for the pizza

PASMA 13/03/19 Hornchurch

Good all round

Thank you

Very good course

Enjoyed the course

PASMA 07/03/19 Hornchurch

I like this course.


All was very good.

PASMA 23/01/2/19 Hornchurch

Was really good introduction to the MEWP. Happy with everything.

Friendly atmosphere will recommend people for this centre.

The course taught me a lot, especially observation and focusing.

Very pleasurable and informative day

Perfect day, good lunch

IPAF 14/02//2019 Hornchurch

Good trainer, George top geezer

Not enough practical for the begin student.

IPAF 13/03/2019 Hornchurch