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Rack Damage Awareness Training Course

Course Details

Rack Damage Awareness Training Course

Start at 9-30 and finish around 1.30 - 2, the end time we change depending upon the amount of interaction there is.

There is also provision for refreshment breaks.


Frequency of surveys and training

There is no given timescale for the carrying out of inspections by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association, as all operations differ. As such, the requirement should be assessed by you given the knowledge of your own operation and a decision taken on the frequency of audits in light of that assessment. It may be possible for your own personnel to undertake weekly or monthly inspections once they have been suitably trained. We are in a position to offer training in assessing rack damage.

The course that we offer comprises of a half-day class and site-based session that would be held on your premises. This would enable those who have been trained to undertake their own rack inspections and prepare damage reports.

Each employee would be issued with a certificate following satisfactory completion of a written test at the completion of the course, with the certificate being valid for twenty-four months.

After this time each individual would be required to have a refresher assessment via a questionnaire from the Internet so this can be carried out at the convenience of the individual. On successful completion of this, it will trigger us to issue a further certificate that will also be valid for twelve months. After this time we would have to come back and assess the candidates and bring them up to date with any changes in the regulations or guidelines.

The course content is as follows.

  • Safety Information
  • Assessment of damage
  • Rack protection
  • Rack stability
  • Load notices
  • Key points of inspections
  • Glossary of terms
  • Safety statistics and legalities

  • We also offer annual Rack Inspection service, please call for details 

  • Extract from HSE Document HGS 76 Warehousing and storage: 

  • A guide to Health and Safety. 

    642 To ensure that a racking installation continues to be serviceable and safe, the storage
    equipment should be inspected on a regular basis. The frequency of the 
    inspections depends on the variety of factors that are particular to the site concerned 
    and should be determined by a nominated ‘person responsible for racking safety’ 
    (PRRS) to suit the operating conditions of the warehouse. This will take into account the
    frequency and method of operation together with the dimensions of the warehouse,
    the equipment used and personnel involved, all of which could damage the

    646 A technically competent person should carry out inspections at intervals of not more
    than 12 months. A written report should be submitted to the PRRS with observations
    and proposals for any action necessary. 

    647 A technically competent person might be a trained specialist within an organisation,
    a specialist from a rack supplier, or an independent qualified rack 

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