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Kingfisher Access

IPAF Training Courses

Kingfisher Access is delighted to offer IPAF accredited operator training in the following categories of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs):

1B: Static Boom

Self-propelled or road-towable booms with outriggers, stabilisers or jacks. This category includes trailer mounted, van mounted, truck mounted and spider type machines.






3a Category MEWPs3A: Mobile Vertical

Scissor lifts, sigma lifts, and self-propelled vertical personnel platforms




3b Category MEWPs3B: Mobile Boom

Self-propelled booms, including articulated and telescopic booms




PAV: Push Around Vertical

The push around vertical category covers machines that need to be pushed into position (no drive system, and can only move vertically up and down. It includes micro scissor and sigma lifts and vertical personnel platforms








To ensure the safe use of powered access equipment, all operators should be properly trained.Theory and practical based training teach operators and supervisors about their legal responsibilities and that of their employers, as well as how to safely operate a MEWP. Successful trainees receive a PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) which is accepted around the world as proof of safety and competency when operating the relevant powered access equipment.


There is a wide range of resources about powered access and working at height available to operators, managers and safety professionals. The IPAF Resource Library contains a range of guidance and practical advice on the safe use of MEWPs and MCWPs. Guidance on Buying a Pre-Owned MEWP. Most of this information is freely available to download or order printed versions. The FAQ section of this website covers a range of common questions about powered access and working at height.

Along with the categories detailed in the section above we also offer of standalone IPAF training courses that cover a specific areas or job roles within the powered access area, including:

  • Use of Harnesses and Harness Inspection (H)
  • MEWP’s for Managers (MM)
  •  ***Newly available***
  • MEWP’s for Managers (MM) elearning 
  • Loading and Unloading (LOAD)

International Recognition

Recognition of the IPAF qualification provided by Kingfisher Access is second to none - our IPAF training courses are certified by TUV as conforming with ISO 18878 : 2004

PAL Cards via the new ePAL app

What is ePAL?

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IPAF’s ePAL app is your new digital wallet to store and share your IPAF powered access licences and qualifications, including the PAL Card for mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), mast climbing work platform (MCWP) and hoist operators. Competent Assessed Persons (CAP), MEWPs for Managers, Site Assessment (for MEWP Selection) all can be added. Easily record your operating experience on powered access machines through the digital logbook, giving you an overview of the time spent operating multiple machines. Have the latest powered access safety and best practice tips and advice in your pocket, and get access to your operator safety guide or site safety guide based on your linked licences.

What are the benefits?
ePAL is highly convenient for operators and their employers – licences, qualifications and practical experience are easily shared from the operator’s phone giving peace-of-mind in light of safety and security. Digital PAL Cards are also fraud smart and benefit from the extra security provided by a mobile phone’s log-in measures. ePAL provides operators with access to the latest in safety information and best practice to help them be safer in their workplace.



  • Please call for details on 0333 666 1881

Kingfisher Access' training course content, instructors and training premises have been subjected to a rigorous assessment to ensure compliance with IPAF standards. Furthermore, we are subject to an ongoing audit regime conducted by IPAF Auditors to ensure that we continue to meet the high standards demanded by IPAF.

Our IPAF operator and harness training courses include the option of purchasing a harness safety kit at a discounted price when booking the course. This ensures each operator has the correct harness and lanyard to keep them safe when they return to work with their new skills.

Why not ask about our additional discounts available for the IPAF Harness User and Inspection course when booking your operator course! 

Click here for details of the harness safety kit...

IPAF harness training courses are available as regularly scheduled Open Courses making it easy to plan and book your training at any of our London, Essex or West Midlands training centres.

We offer a 50% discount on IPAF Harness User and Inspection course, when registering together with your IPAF Operator training, check here for dates or give us a call for availability and activate the offer.

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