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Yes, however, this may affect the length of the course and/or the candidates’ likelihood of passing.

IPAF is able to offer the CSCS logo on the PAL Card operator licence in the UK, in line with a requirement from Build UK stipulating that access to construction sites should be restricted to holders of accredited licences or competency cards. 

Operators of MEWPs who are members of any construction trade body that affords CSCS accreditation will not need a CSCS logo to be added to their PAL Card. MEWP delivery drivers, maintenance or MCWP installation engineers, on-site instructors or operators who do need even occasional access to UK Construction sites and who do not already hold another accreditation recognised under the CSCS partner scheme are advised to contact the training centre where their current PAL Card was issued.

Candidates who are undergoing training or a refresher course with the goal of obtaining a new or updated PAL Card are likewise advised to enquire of their IPAF-accredited training centre as to how to obtain a PAL Card with the CSCS logo.

In all cases operators will have to supply proof of having passed the CITB Health, Safety & Environmental touch screen test within the two years prior to application for the card.

Yes, provided that there are suitable facilities and equipment. Please call 0333 666 1881 for details

The operator course includes:

  1. IPAF technical guidance H1 on harnesses
  2. Harness wearing: How to put a harness on
  3. Harness adjustment: Ensuring candidates have no slack in a correctly fitted harness
  4. Lanyard adjustment: Adjusting for machine and candidate
  5. Attachment to MEWP: Designated anchor point and karabiner locked
  6. Proof of inspection: Asking the candidates to check if each harness has proof of inspection. Inspection is not covered in the operator course.
  7. Alternatively, the IPAF harness course is designed to instruct a user to select, inspect and use harnesses and associated safety personal protective equipment safety when using a MEWP.

If operators want to add a category to their PAL Card, they need to successfully complete the IPAF approved Theory Test Paper. In addition to this, they must achieve the required standard when operating each of the machine categories that they wish to add on to their PAL Card.

If demonstrators want to add a category to their PAL Card, they must do the operator theory test and practical test on that category, then do the demonstrator course.

Contact us on 0333 666 1881 Only operators or demonstrators who have been filling out their log books (60 entries over 5 years, 10 of which should be in the final year prior to expiry) will be eligible for a renewal test. Those who have not been filling out their log books will not be eligible for a renewal test and will have to re-sit the full operator/demonstrator course again.

All renewals must be done before the expiry date. Otherwise, an operator will have to do a full operator course and a demonstrator must do the full operator and demonstrator courses.

  • A MEWP should be inspected, and the inspection documented, every morning prior to use. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998, Regulation 9 states that: 

  • "Every employer shall ensure that lifting equipment which is exposed to conditions causing deterioration which is liable to result in dangerous situations is-" 
  • "Thoroughly examined-" 
  • "In the case of lifting equipment for lifting persons or an accessory for lifting, at least every 6 months."

Need a Loler?

Kingfisher Access offer LOLER inspections, We can also arrange an engineer to attend breakdowns

call 0333 666 1881 for details

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