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IPAF Operator & IPAF Harness User and Inspection Training ( full day, with prior eLearning)

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The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is the leading accrediting body and authority for mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) training.

Operator Training - This course instructs an operator to select, prepare and safely operate various types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).

Successful operatives will gain an understanding of current legislation and best practice on a range of MEWPs; including carrying out a pre-use inspection and safe operation in line with approved methods and the manufacturer's instructions. The course agenda includes:

  • Introduction to IPAF and MEWPs
  • Pre-theory test
  • Legislations, Regulations, Standards and Best Practice
  • MEWP categories explained
  • Structural parts identified
  • Pre-use checks & familiarisation requirements
  • Safe operating methods and hazards to be observed
  • Post-theory test
  • Practical training on selected categories
  • Practical assessment on selected categories
  • Issuing of IPAF Operator's Log book

Harness Training - The course is aimed at individuals that use, supervise or manage the use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPS) and need to be made aware of the correct selection, inspection and use of safety harnesses to prevent falls.

Successful delegates will gain an understanding of the correct selection and pre-use inspection of safety harnesses and lanyards used for restraint on a MEWPs. The course agenda includes:

  • Legislation, Standards, CE Markings and Guidance
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection Measures
  • IPAF Harness Statement
  • Harness, Lanyard and Fittings
  • Pre-Use Checks and Correct Usage (inc Practical)
  • Usage and Anchor Points
  • Harness Storage and Maintenance
  • Hazards and Precautions
  • Rescue Requirements and Options
  • Theory Test


PAL Cards via the new ePAL app

What is ePAL?

Watch here
IPAF’s ePAL app is your new digital wallet to store and share your IPAF powered access licences and qualifications, including the PAL Card for mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), mast climbing work platform (MCWP) and hoist operators. Competent Assessed Persons (CAP), MEWPs for Managers, Site Assessment (for MEWP Selection) all can be added. Easily record your operating experience on powered access machines through the digital logbook, giving you an overview of the time spent operating multiple machines. Have the latest powered access safety and best practice tips and advice in your pocket, and get access to your operator safety guide or site safety guide based on your linked licences.

What are the benefits?
ePAL is highly convenient for operators and their employers – licences, qualifications and practical experience are easily shared from the operator’s phone giving peace-of-mind in light of safety and security. Digital PAL Cards are also fraud smart and benefit from the extra security provided by a mobile phone’s log-in measures. ePAL provides operators with access to the latest in safety information and best practice to help them be safer in their workplace.


Harness Training - Those who successfully complete both the theory and practical sessions will receive an IPAF Certificate that is valid for a period of 5 years. Those who also successfully completed an IPAF Operator Course will have the Harness category (H) added to the PAL Card. Those who do not have a current licence will receive the certificate only.

Operator training - You will need to complete and eLearning Theory module prior to attending the course 

The practical session is  instructor led  practical training consisting of practice time and assessment.

The harness training will follow and be completed in the classroom with some practical assessments and a multiple choice question paper. 

No prior knowledge required, only the eLearning module for the operator training needs to be completed. 

You will need to bring suitable PPE including

  • Safety Footwear,
  • Safety Helmet and chin strap
  • Hi-Visibility vest or coat.
  • Warm clothing should also be brought in cold weather.
  • Where harnesses are necessary (normally with any boom-type machine) we can either lend you one on the day, or you can buy one as part of the MEWP Operators Safety Kit.

This course is run in English. Anyone attending this course must be able to read and understand safety notices, course literature, test questions and answers, verbal instructions and manufacturer’s instruction manuals.

This need not preclude anyone from attending providing  adequate measures can be put into place to take account of any difficulties, in some instances and interpretor can be present during the training. 

They should also be reasonably fit and in good health, with no uncorrected issues likely to endanger or hinder themselves, or anyone else at the training venue, have no problems with eyesight or hearing, fear of heights,  or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If you have any doubts, please call the training department on 0333 666 1881 and we will advise you as to what we are able to offer. 

IPAF MEWPS for Managers 

Emergency First Aid at Work 

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Covid-19 information 

Training centre addresses and maps 


West Midlands


Contact us on 0333 666 1881 / 07956831539

We are open 8 till late....well actually 7am  but that didn't rhyme 

IPAF Training - IPAF Operator & Harness, prior eLearning Course Dates

Date Location Places Comments Price From  
Thu 11/05/23
Start Time:
08.00 (Induction 07.45)
End Time:
WOLVERHAMPTON 0 Practical Sessions - Elearning to be completed before arrival, please call for details 0333 666 1881 £360.00 Call to book.