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MEWPs for Managers (MM) eLearning Course

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MEWPs for Managers (MM) eLearning Course
IPAF's MM eLearning theory module is a complete training course. The eLearning course delivers flexibility and interactive tools, with emphasis on contextualised on-line training.
If completed successfully the candidate will receive an IPAF MEWPs for Managers certificate which evidences that the holder has successfully completed the training and enables them to plan, supervise and manage MEWP operations safely

The candidate MUST use a computer with a webcam to take this course.

At the end of the course the candidate will:
• Be aware of current legislation, standards and guidance
• Be aware of different MEWP classifications.
• Plan for ongoing operator development through appropriate training.
• Be aware of the importance of correct machine selection.
• Be able to select the correct protective equipment for the operator.
• Have a greater knowledge and awareness of the safe use and operation of MEWPs.
• Be able to identify misuse and abuse of MEWPs.
• Be aware of planning and maintenance considerations.

Theory test
At the end of the theory course the candidate will complete an individual online test. There will also be an explanation of the pass/fail marks. If the candidate fails, they will have to request a re-test from the issuing Approved Training Centre to retake the exam.
The Training Centre can re-issue the exam module to the candidate however the exam should only be re-assigned a maximum of two times. If the candidate fails more than two times the course should be rescinded and if the trainee wishes to try again, they would need to do so as a new trainee, having to complete the whole course and theory test.

Upon successful completion of the IPAF eLearning training, the IPAF Approved Training Centre who registered the candidate will receive an email containing the receipt number, candidate details, date of passing and an embedded photograph of the trainee.
This will be used to complete registration of the course with IPAF, who will then issue certification to Kingfisher Access, we will then send this out to you via recorded delivery

The estimated completion time for the eLearning MEWPs for Managers course is from 4 to 6 hours depending on experience and knowledge. This can be completed over the course of 6 months at which time the course will be rescinded.

Practical Test
There is no hands-on practical requirement to this course.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY- PRIOR to candidates purchasing the course, please ensure that all candidates are aware of the criteria that needs to be met to undertake it.  This is to avoid candidates having problems after the course has been assigned to them.

               Criteria that must be met:

  • The training must be conducted on a desktop PC, laptop or large tablet (NOT a mobile phone) with appropriate internet access.
  • The device must have a camera enabled, as facial recognition will be used throughout.
  • They must agree to being photographed for the facial recognition.
  • They should undertake the training alone. If the camera picks up a different or additional face, then the training may cease.


IPAF Training Courses - IPAF MEWPs for Managers (MM) - eLearning Course Course Dates

Date Location Places Comments Price From  
Fri 27/05/22
Start Time:
End Time:
6 Months to complete
ONLINE 11 Your course will be emailed to you following payment. £125.00 Book
Date Location Places Comments Price From  
Fri 03/06/22
Start Time:
End Time:
6 Months to complete
ONLINE 12 Your course will be emailed to you following payment. £125.00 Book