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MCWP ( Mast Climber)



Companies that use MCWPs and CHs need to know what their management and legal responsibilities are and how to ensure best use of equipment. This course covers what managers need to know for safe and effective use of MCWPs and CHs onsite, including planning the job, conducting a risk assessment, selecting machines and the right equipment for optimum cost-efficiency and for mitigating all possible risks. 

The course is given by an IPAF Instructor as a theoretical presentation at an IPAF-approved training centre. Various practical scenarios are discussed enabling candidates to gain a deep understanding of how to approach worksite projects using best practice.

Candidates will explore the following questions:

  • Do you know what your 
  • legal obligations are?
  • Have you selected the right machine for the job?
  • Who is operating MCWPs & CHs on your site and have they been trained and familiarised?
  • Have you considered the potential hazards and taken preventive measures?

This course will help candidates answer these questions and prepare them to safely and effectively manage MCWPs and CHs onsite.


Employers, project managers, foremen and supervisors working in industries such as construction and facilities management, who are responsible for planning and overseeing the use of  MCWPs or CHs.


This course is about planning, supervising and managing the use of MCWPs and CHs, not about operating equipment. At the end of the course candidates must take a theory test and upon passing receive an IPAF certifi cate. Candidates who already hold a valid Powered Access Licence (PAL Card) for operating equipment will have the MCWPs & CHs for Managers (MHM) category added to their PAL Card.


Operators are persons who have been trained to operate the MCWP, with full knowledge of the controls of the equipment and they are able to carry out pre-use/daily inspections and perform the emergency descent.


Demonstrators are persons, with full knowledge on the operating commands of the equipment, they are able to perform the emergency descent, carry out pre-use/daily and weekly inspections and ensuring that these take place. In addition, demonstrators are in charge of performing familiarisation to users and trained operators.


Installers are in charge of the installation of a MCWP in all standard configurations indicated by the manufacturer. Able to perform installation final appraisal and handover procedure.

Advanced Installer

Advanced Installers are in charge of the installation of a MCWP in all configurations including special configurations and tailor-made projects. Able to perform installation final appraisal, handover procedure and the MCWP Thorough Examination

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