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PASMA Training

Prefabricated Mobile Access Tower Training Course


Kingfisher Access is an authorised training member of PASMA and can therefore offer the following accredited training courses:

Please Note: The advanced training courses (cantilevered, bridged, staircase etc) have been temporarily withdrawn by PASMA. If you have a requirement for advanced training on mobile access towers please contact us - we may be able to help!

Comprehensive Training Courses

Working at HeightWorking at Height Regulations

Work at Height Regulations require that only competent people be permitted to work at height and plan, manage and supervise working at height activities.

More Hands-On Practical Experience...

All Standard training courses now include hands-on practical demonstrations and assessments of both the 3T and the Advance Guardrail assembly and dismantling methods.

*PASMA Standard Course is designed for mobile access towers manufactured in aluminium alloy or fibreglass, approved to BS1139 part 3 1994 (HD1004) and which carry a current British Standard or other equivalent mark of approval.

Trusted and Engaging Competent Person Training

Person with sufficient professional or technical training and knowledge, actual experience and authority to enable them to:

  • Carry out their assigned duties at the level of responsibility allocated to them
  • Recognise potential hazards related to the work (or equipment) under consideration
  • Detect any defects, or omissions in that work (or equipment), recognise any implications for health and safety caused by those defects and omissions, and be able to specify a remedial action to mitigate those implications

PASMA therefore sponsors training courses provided only by authorised training members.

Recognition & Verification

PASMA documentation

This training is the most widely recognised form of Prefabricated Mobile Access Tower Training in the UK and provides successful delegates with a competency certificate and an encapsulated photo-ID card verifying that they have passed the written and practical tests to PASMA's strictly enforced standards.

Kingfisher Access' course content, instructors and training premises have been subjected to a rigorous assessment to ensure compliance with PASMA standards. Furthermore, we are subject to an ongoing audit regime conducted by the PASMA Training Scheme Auditor to ensure that we continue to meet the high standards demanded by PASMA.