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Safety Harness Foundation Training Course

Course Details


man holding safety harness up to view

On this course you will learn the core knowledge required when considering the use of harness-based fall protection equipment.

The Kingfisher Harness Inspection course is available as an additional full-day module if required.

Who Should Attend

The Kingfisher Harness Foundation course is for you if your work involves you in planning, selecting, checking or using harness-based fall protection equipment (in restraint, work positioning or fall arrest applications).

It is equally suitable for users, supervisors or managers.

How Many Per Course

Maximum 8 people

  • Legislation
  • Mechanics of a fall
  • EN product standards - includes practical exercise
  • Anchor points and devices
  • Work restraint
  • Work positioning
  • Fall arrest
  • Pre-use checks - includes practical exercise
  • Donning a harness - includes practical exercise & ‘comfort test’
  • Storage, care and maintenance
  • Rescue requirements and options
  • Theory test paper (multiple choice)

This is a full day course, typically 8.00 – 4.30

Courses held at our training centres include free hot and cold drinks, and free parking

Successful candidates will receive a Kingfisher certificate of competence and a photo ID card, both valid for 5 years

You will need to bring suitable PPE including safety footwear, a hard hat, and a hi-visibility vest or coat. Warm clothing should also be brought in cold weather.

You will also need to bring with you a suitable harness/lanyard, this needs to be fully in date with its periodical inspection - If you do not have one you can purchase our Full Body Harness and Lanyard  @ £79.57+VAT  at the time of booking for on the date of training. 

PLEASE NOTE: You may be refused entry onto the course practical if you do not have the appropriate PPE

This course is run in English.

If you are attending this course you must be able to read and understand verbal instructions, safety notices, course literature, test questions and answers, and manufacturer’s instruction manuals.

You should also be reasonably fit and in good health, with no uncorrected issues likely to endanger or hinder yourself, or anyone else at the training venue.

Safety Harness Training - Kingfisher - Harness - Foundation Training Course Course Dates

Date Location Places Comments Price From  
Thu 03/11/22
Start Time:
08:00 ( Induction 7:45)
End Time:
London/Essex 6 Harness Training on Roofs, Unprotected Edges as well as within a MEWP £190.00 Book
Date Location Places Comments Price From  
Thu 01/12/22
Start Time:
08.00 (Induction 07.45)
End Time:
London/Essex 5 Harness Training on Roofs, Unprotected Edges as well as within a MEWP £190.00 Book