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Working at Height Training Course

PICTOGRAM: FallingA full day training course (typically 8.30am to 3.00pm), for anyone involved directly in projects that include working in challenging or high altitude areas as well as those involved in planning, supervising or managing work at height.

All working at height duties and risks covered

Ideal for any employees, supervisors or managers, our Work at Height course takes a carefully structured look at:

  • The legal duties imposed by the Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • The risk assessment process - now required by law for all work at height
  • The hierarchy of measures - a detailed look at avoidance, safe places of work, work equipment, fragile surfaces & danger areas
  • A hands-on demonstration of some of the most common items of equipment, including MEWPs (scissor lift, self-propelled boom and personnel lift), mobile access towers, podium, ladders and steps, and harnesses/lanyards to help you in selecting the most appropriate and cost effective work at height equipment.

This training course includes a number of group exercises giving your staff hands-on experience of the practical skills necessary to:

  • Carry out a Work at Height Risk Assessment
  • Assess Safe Places of Work
  • Select Appropriate and Cost-Effective Work Equipment

No previous experience is necessary.

Our Extensive Working at Height Training Course Outline

Provided either at our London, West Midlands or Essex premises, or at a location of your convenience, our training courses incorporate a variety of different aspects of work at height, including;

  • Falls from Height – Statistics
  • Background Legislation
  • WAHR – Hierarchy & Risk Assessment
  • Work at height options 1 – Safe Places Of Work
  • GROUP EXERCISE 1 – Safe Places Of Work
  • Work at Height Options 2 - Work Equipment
    • MEWPs
    • Towers
    • Podiums
    • Ladders & Steps
    • Harnesses
  • GROUP EXERCISE 2 – Demo & Discussion (Work Equipment)
  • GROUP EXERCISE 3: Risk Assessment/Equipment Selection
  • Theory Paper + Review
  • Course Evaluation + Close

Trained by experienced professionals

Every training course we operate, just like every course we run, is overseen and run by experienced trainers that have decades of experience in the industry. Through our comprehensive working at height training course, we'll pass on all our knowledge to you and your team so you are guaranteed training not only of the highest quality but also designed to enable you to safely and effectively carry out the work. 

Availability / Location

Because of the facilities and equipment necessary to run our work at height training course effectively, it is normally only available at our London/Essex training centre, but we would naturally be pleased to discuss the possibility of running this course at your premises. So contact us today to discuss your requirements and book your place(s) on the training course. 

This course is available as an Open Course, allowing you to book places for individuals or small groups online with our 24/7 live booking system.