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Safety Harness Inspection

Our harness courses are designed to suit a range of different industries and sectors, so no matter if you're a scaffolder, steel erector, roofer or you work using access platforms and mobile access towers, we will have the right course for your needs. 

As one of the UK's leading safety equipment inspection training providers, we provide comprehensive harness training courses to clients across London, Essex and the Home Counties. So browse through our range of training courses available, book your place or contact our experienced team to discuss your specific requirements. 

We offer a wide range of safety harness courses across Kent, Essex, London and the West Midlands.Overseen by our experienced and professional experts, our training courses will provide you with everything you need to safely and efficiently inspect harnesses and spot any potential issues before they can arise. 

If your staff have not been trained in how to do this, we would recommend the one of our safety harness training courses, which includes a hands-on exercise in the pre-use inspection of harnesses and lanyards.

Brief outline of the Safety Harness and Lanyard Inspection Pre-inspection Checks: 

Overview of information supplied by the manufacturer 

Manufacturer's labels are intact/legible 

Products are within the manufacturer’s recommended lifespan

General Checking Of Textile Components:

Visual Checks: 

Excessive wear 

Abrasion 

Cuts, particularly to load-bearing parts 

Dirty webbing or rope 

Cut, broken or abraded stitching Visual and tactile checks: 

Damage by chemicals 

Chemical contamination 

Damage by heat Harness-Specific Checks (in addition to above) Visual and tactile checks: 

Internal and external inspection of attachment point loops Attachment points, fastening and adjustment buckles for: 

Correct assembly 

Correct functioning 

Excessive wear 

Corrosion 

Cracks 

Other damage 

Correct functioning Lanyard And Energy-Absorber Checks (in addition to above)

Visual and tactile checks: 

Inside and outside attachment point loops 

No knots 

No wholly or partially deployed energy absorbers 

Karabiners etc inspected as per attachment points above

Harness Equipment Inspection Service

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Harness Equipment Inspection Service