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Safety Harness Equipment Inspection

harness equipment inspection

Kingfisher Access now offers a Harness Inspection Services designed to give you a cost-effective way of meeting the formal inspection requirements for this type of equipment as specified in BS8437 2005 (see the following extract):

Formal inspection procedures should be put in place by employers to ensure that personal fall protection equipment is given a detailed inspection ("thorough examination") by a competent person before first use and at intervals not exceeding six months (or three months where the equipment is used in arduous conditions), and after circumstances liable to jeopardise safety have occurred.

How It Works

Our Harness and Lanyard Inspection Clinic operates as either a convenient drop-in service from one of our centres, or as an on-site service on your premises.

  • London/Essex 
  • Monday – Saturday 8am- 2pm
  • Unit 5 Stafford Industrial Estate
  • Hillman Close 
  • Hornchurch
  • Essex 
  • RM11 2SJ 
  • Medway
  • Monday – Friday 8am- 5.30
  • Delta House 
  • Laser Quay
  • Culpeper Close 
  • Medway City Estate 
  • ME2 3HU

Drop-In Service

To use the drop-in service, simply call us to confirm availability, then drop it off and agree a time/date to collect it again.

0333 666 1881 or 07956831539 

  • Drop-in service is just £22.50 + VAT per item (so a harness and lanyard would cost £45.00 plus VAT).
  • Express Services - for those times when you need your equipment certificated in a hurry, call for details. 

On-Site Harness Equipment Inspection Service

If it would be more convenient or cost-effective for us to come to your premises to carry out the inspection, please call us on 0333 666 1881 with:

  • Details of your location(s) 
  • Quantity of harnesses/lanyards to be inspected

We will give you a price (confirmed in writing) and agree a date/time to carry out the work. - If you need it back urgently please ask about our Express Same Day service 


Inspection Criteria

These detailed inspections are carried out in accordance with the recommendations of BS8437 2005. To see a brief outline of the checks we will carry out, click here...

What You Get:

  • Updated inspection record card (if provided)
  • Inspection tag, detailing harness and lanyard serial numbers, plus next inspection date, attached to your harness/lanyard

What If Your Equipment Is Found To Be Unserviceable?

In the event of us finding that any of your equipment is unserviceable, we will give you the option of replacing the unserviceable item(s) with suitable high quality items from our extensive range.

User Training

It is also important that your staff check their harness/lanyard equipment before each use to ensure both safe condition and correct operation, as per the following extract from BS8437 2005:

"It is essential that all load-bearing equipment is given a visual and tactile check before each use to ensure that it is in a safe condition and operates correctly. Advice should be obtained from the manufacturer on how to do this, and this advice should be strictly followed"

If your staff have not been trained in how to do this, we would recommend you attend one of our inspection courses which include a hands-on exercise in the pre-use inspection of safety equipment and lanyards.

Equipment Inspection Criteria

Pre-inspection Checks :

  • Overview of information supplied by the manufacturer
  • Manufacturer's labels are intact/legible
  • Products are within the manufacturer's recommended lifespan

General Checking Of Textile Components:

Visual and tactile checks:

  • Excessive wear
  • Abrasion
  • Cuts, particularly to load-bearing parts
  • Dirty webbing or rope
  • Cut, broken or abraded stitching
  • Damage by chemicals
  • Puncture damage
  • Chemical contamination
  • Damage by heat

Attachment Points, Fastening And Adjustment Buckles For:

  • Correct assembly
  • Excessive wear
  • Corrosion
  • Cracks
  • Other damage
  • Correct functioning

Lanyard And Energy-Absorber Checks (in addition to above)

Visual and tactile checks:

  • Inside and outside attachment point loops
  • No knots
  • No wholly or partially deployed energy absorbers
  • Karabiners etc inspected as per attachment points above