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Ridgegear Ridgegear has proven expertise in fall protection engineering and is leading the design of the next generation of fall protection solutions.

Associations and Federations

IPAF (International Powered Access Federation)
PASMA Prefabricated Access Suppliers And Manufacturers Association)


HSE (Falls from height Index)
HSE Working at Height ( FAQ)
Latest news from the access industry

Cranes and Access ( read online)


PASMA Aluminium Towers

Mobile Access Towers Instruction Manuals
PASMA Guidance Castor Tightening Low Level Access Units
PASMA Guidance Stair Ladder Tower Assembly
PASMA Guidance Net Rigging De-rigging Using Towers
Kingfisher Access guide to 3t on Mobile Access Towers

IPAF mobile elevating work platforms

IPAF Technical Guidance Notes on harnesses and mobile elevating work platforms
CIS 10 HSE Guidance on Mobile Access Towers
CIS 58 HSE Guidance on the selection and management of mobile elevating work platforms
HSE Guidance MISC 614 Preventing falls from boom-type mobile elevated work platforms
IPAF Guidance Notes on ground conditions for mobile elevating work platforms
IPAF Technical Guidance Notes on familiarisation on mobile elevating work platforms

Safety Harnesses

HSE Guidance: INDG 367 Inspecting fall arrest equipment made from webbing or rope

HSE Guidance:  INDG455 Safe use of ladders and stepladders (English)

Czech. Top tips for ladder and stepladder safety. INDG405

Hindi. Top tips for ladder and stepladder safety. INDG405

HSE Guidance: INDG 403 A toolbox talk on leaning ladder and stepladder safety
HSE Guidance: INDG 405 Top tips on ladder and stepladder safety
HSE Guidance INDG 401 The Work at Height Regulations 2005: a brief guide

HSE Guidance in foreign languages - HSE welcomes people of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds to its web site  you are looking for information, help or guidance a number of publications have been translated into languages other than English

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