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Covid-19 Update from Kingfisher Access Ltd.

Date: Mon 16th March 2020

Covid-19 Update from Kingfisher Access Ltd.

Kingfisher Access would like to assure you that we have been taking every precaution possible to minimise the impact of this unprecedented situation.

Please see the list of Kingfisher Access actions below:

  1. Instructions have been issued to all employees in accordance with guidance for businesses.
  2. All key staff have signed up to Public Health England Alerts
  3. Visitor restrictions are in place, Training course attendance will be limited to enable  distancing within classrooms. 
  4. We will communicate with all external Awarding Bodies, requesting their guidance on what alternative training methods (e.g. online) can be put in place if the situation escalates
  5. Surface Spray, Wipes and Hand Wash have been placed at key locations on the premises
  6. Contract Cleaning services have been increased with additional tasks to clean contact surfaces.
  7. We have also nominated internal staff to clean down frequently touched areas throughout the day
  8. All training sites have been isolated from each other with no cross contamination of employees.
  9. Additional advice signage has been added to training centres
  10. Hand washing advice to be added into welfare facilities
  11. Ensured adequate provision of antibacterial handwashes / soap in all toilet facilities
  12. Stagger delegate breaks to reduce number of delegate congregating and increase clear ups.
  13. Disposable Gloves are available for handling machinery etc
  14. Plans to produce delegate an information slide and issue to all trainers for housekeeping at the start of courses

As the spread of Covid-19 increases, please be assured that by taking the above precautions, we are doing everything possible to continue to deliver all training for our customers as we focus on minimising disruption.

We are also offering special discounts for new bookings to accommodate those unable to attend their usual workplace but will require training in readiness for returning. We intend to offer training  at our lowest possible price to not only ensure that our own instructors can remain fully employed but also to take into consideration those who may be suffering financially while unable to work.

If you are interested in talking to us regarding any of the above please contact us today.

0333 666 1881

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