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IPAF /Covid 19 - Licences due to expire, act now

Date: Wed 1st April 2020

IPAF Statement, scroll down for details of how to obtain the eLearning module 

IPAF cannot and will not endorse allowing people to operate MEWPs until they have passed a practical assessment, however, in recognition that COVID-19 will prevent some workers from renewing existing PAL Cards, we are asking the industry to support the following temporary measures:

Requesting employers and those responsible for site access and card checking procedures to allow workers whose PAL Cards have expired since March 2020 who can provide evidence that they have completed their IPAF operator eLearning theory to continue to work for a period of 90 days from successful completion of the eLearning. A receipt is provided to all successful eLearning candidates that can be downloaded as a PDF or printed out as evidence. This period of 90 days will be further reviewed as the situation continues to develop.

Agreement to this temporary extension is at the employer’s discretion, but until COVID-19 is under control we are asking all employers and the wider industry to support these measures.

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Here at Kingfisher Access we are aware that not everyone is fully employed with their usual income so we are offering this eLearning to anyone with an existing licence that is due to expire,  even if you did not do your initial training with us. 

If you book your eLearning module with Kingfisher Access to take advantage of this concession by IPAF we will charge you a nominal amount £50+VAT, this can then be used at a later date as a credit when you return to complete the practical training, which is required to refresh your licence by the full 5 years. 

If you do not currently hold a valid IPAF Licence you will need to complete the full course,  we are still offering this and other training courses so give us a call

0333 666 1881 / 07956 831539


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