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EIGER 500 2.5m SW Tower AGR

Price: From £2,228.08

The EIGER 500 Tower System has proved itself to be a great success with its huge 1000kg capacity and ability to have two fully laden decks at one level in unrivalled in its class

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Suitable for both internal and external use

Your Eiger 500 Tower with its huge 1000kg capacity and ability to have two fully laden decks is almost unrivelled in its class

  • Ease of assembly and versatility with the minimum of maintenance will provide you with years of trouble free use
  • Wider frames allow platforms to be located anywhere in the tower without the need to move braces, simplifying the build
  • Braces are colour coded for ease of identification
  • Integral ladder frames give a safe system of access and reduce component loss
  • Platform boad edges are enclosed by the aluminium extrusion reducing damage and are fitted with an automatic wind latch to secure the platform 
  • Folding aluminium one piece toe board are easy to install and are a snug fit on the platform.
  • Castors are fitted with a two lever brake action; the brake lever is marked in red for ease of identification and safety.

EIGER 500 towers carry the kitemark symbol, your guarantee they are manufactured and tested to BS1139 Part 3 (1994) HD1004 Class 3 (1992). They are manufactured under a BSEN ISO 9001 quality assurance system making them the towers of choice for hire companies and trade professionals and trade professionals alike.


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