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Front & Rear D Rescue Harness RGH5

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The RGH5 is designed for use as a confined access harness. The front and rear attachment points can be used as standard fall arrest points and the rescue strap can be used for lifting and lowering. When used, the rescue strap keeps the operative in a near vertical position, which is preferred when recovering an unconscious casualty.

This harness is used throughout the industry in conjunction with a tripod (RGR1) and a winch unit to access confined spaces, vertical shafts, sewers and silos. The RGH5 is suitable for use with fall arrest/recovery blocks.

The harness is fully adjustable and is fitted with rip stitch indicators.

RGH5 Fast Fit- Comes with Rescue point with quick connect buckles on legs and chest

RGH5 Glow-The new innovative RGH5 Glow is designed for use as a confined spaces access harness with the new reflective yarn woven into the webbing- the first of its kind providing unprecedented levels of visibility in low light areas.


SMALL 36"-42" 30"-36" 38"-44"
STANDARD 42"-50" 36"-44" 44"-52"
LARGE 50"-54" 44"-48" 52"-56"
EXTRA LARGE 54"-58" 48"-52" 56"-60"


Accredited to: EN 361 & EN 1497
Web Material: 45mm water repellent polyester
Fittings: High tensile steel alloy
Weight: 1.45 kg
Features: Rear & front attachment point, Rescue strap, rip stitch indicators


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