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Steel Snap Gate Karabiner 50mm/60mm RTLC/2A/2B

Price: From £1.16 Product Code: RTLC/2A OR RTLC/2B

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Steel Snap Gate Karabiner 50mm/60mm RTLC/2A/2B Click the image above to enlarge.

Product Information

The RTLC2 is a snap gate karabiner which comes in two sizes and capacities, perfect for connecting and swapping between multiple tools quickly. Just one of our comprehensive range of connectors which make connecting your new and existing tools to our tool lanyards safe and easy, whatever your method.

Gate Opening: A: 6mm B: 8mm
Max Capacity: A: 3KG B: 5KG
Closure type: Snap Gate
Lengths: A: 50mm x 25mm B: 60mm x 30mm



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