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Kingfisher Access

3T Method - Mobile Access Tower Technical Update (Fitting Toeboards To Intermediate Deck Levels)

Toeboards have to be fitted:

  • To ALL working decks
  • To any deck used to keep or store tools or materials

-it is therefore quite likely that intermediate deck levels will need Toeboards fitted. With the Boss 1450 Ladderspan Tower care has to be taken in positioning the trap door deck. The inboard hook of the trap door deck must be positioned hard up against the ladder, otherwise there will not be enough room to fit the toeboard bracket between the ladder and the outboard trap deck hook (see photo).

This in turn fixes the position of the deck on the frame rung, making it VERY important that the diagonal braces are positioned correctly at the start of assembly (see Diagonal Bracing).

Photo showing toeboards fitted to an intermediate patform level on a Boss 1450 Ladderspan Tower