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Kingfisher Access

3T Method - Mobile Access Tower Technical Update (Photo-Walkthrough)

Having built the Tower up to and including the first temporary deck level (see Initial Planning if you haven't already done so), the first handrail brace can be fitted working through the trapdoor as shown here.

Mobile access tower trapdoor

3T Revealed...

The basis of the 3T Method is to use the opening in the Trapdoor deck as a makeshift handrail while you are assembling the proper handrail. Make sure both feet are in contact with the ladder, then, facing the ladder frame lean or sit on the far edge of the trapdoor deck opening. This will give you three points of contact, freeing up your hands.

Make sure that you fit the handrails at 0.5 and 1 metre above the deck with the snap-hooks facing either outwards onto the frame uprights, or downwards onto a rung (refer to manufacturer's instructions).

It is unlikely that you will be able to snap the rear hooks into place at this time, but, as long as you fit the near-end of the handrail correctly the other end will be in a 'fail safe' position...

The second, third and fourth handrails can now be fitted. Note that the handrails alongside the solid deck are quite a reach from the trapdoor hatch opening. Again, ensure that the handrails are fitted correctly with the hooks facing outwards or downwards.

Start of 3T method

You can now climb through the hatch onto the deck and engage the handrail brace hooks at the far end

That's it - you now have a fully protected platform to work from.

  • If this is your final deck level, simply add the toeboards to complete your tower
  • If this is an intermediate platform level, add additional frames and braces, place the next deck(s) above you, then fit the handrails using the 3T method

End of 3T method