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Kingfisher Access

3T Method - Mobile Access Tower Technical Update (Positioning of Temporary Handrails)

If your Tower has handrail location rivets fitted to the rungs of the frames (as shown), the temporary decks used to assemble/dismantle the Tower can be single decks (inboard handrails can be fitted directly onto the rungs in the centre of the Tower without risk of slipping). This will reduce the number of additional decks required to implement the 3T Method, and is therefore likely to be cheaper, quicker and easier than with Towers that do not have location rivets*

* We understand from SGB that the HSE have carried out independent tests on the Boss Tower - results indicated that horizontal braces fitted downwards onto frame rungs had only minimal horizontal movement when pushed/pulled/fallen against. The HSE have therefore expressed the view that it is acceptable to build the boss tower with single intermediate decks - inboard handrails being fitted downwards onto frame rungs at 0.5 and 1.0m above deck levels in the centre of the Tower.

Kingfisher Access takes the view that, although movement of horizontal braces fitted downwards onto frame rungs is often minimal, ANY movement could result in a user losing his/her balance and falling over the handrails. We will therefore continue to teach our preferred method of using fully-boarded decks with the Boss Tower.

If your Tower does not have location rivets fitted to the frame rungs then all temporary deck levels will need to be fully boarded. This will allow the handrails to be fitted securely to the frame uprights (without handrail location rivets, the handrails could slide along the rungs if a user fell against, or pulled on the handrails).

Regulation 8(a), Schedule 1, section 2b of the WAHR states:

"(Means of protection shall-) be so placed, secured and used as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that they do not become accidentally displaced"

On double width towers, this will often require additional deck units and handrail braces compared to the pre-WAHR kit list from your manufacturer

Note: the toeboards shown in this photo would only be needed if the deck was a working deck, or was to be used for keeping or storing tools or materials

Picture showing handrail location rivets fitted to a span frame

Picture showing fully boarded temporary platform with double handrails fitted to frame uprights