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Kingfisher Access

Page 11 :Kingfisher Access Testimonials

Very good

Thanks for the pizza

PASMA 13/03/19 Hornchurch

Good all round

Thank you

Very good course

Enjoyed the course

PASMA 07/03/19 Hornchurch

I like this course.


All was very good.

PASMA 23/01/2/19 Hornchurch

Was really good introduction to the MEWP. Happy with everything.

Friendly atmosphere will recommend people for this centre.

The course taught me a lot, especially observation and focusing.

Very pleasurable and informative day

Perfect day, good lunch

IPAF 14/02//2019 Hornchurch

Good trainer, George top geezer

Not enough practical for the begin student.

IPAF 13/03/2019 Hornchurch

Venue well run with knowledgeable instructors, including wider subject area of working @ height allowing for wider discussion.

Very good and well presented

Everything has met my expectations

Just a bit quick over some areas.

IPAF 12/03/2019 Hornchurch

Excellent presentation of course by Steve ( instructor)

IPAF 06/03/2019 Hornchurch

Both instructors were really informative and knowledgeable

Very clear instructions and theory and straight forward presentation on all aspects of the health and safety

The instructors explained the course very well, gave clear instructions on how to use MEWPS

Great, couldn't ask for better people

Good instructors and happy to answer questions multiple times

Very good, lunch excellent

Just would like a bit more practice time

IPAF 22/02/2019 Hornchurch

I have really enjoyed my learning experience at the center.

Fantastic day, really enjoyable, Steve and Clive really helpful and friendly guys. Thank you. ;o)

Very good course.

Good course, instructors great.

A lot to cover in one day, could be put into 2 days for more practice.

Course was very good, full of very useful knowledge that I will be taking home.

IPAF 26/02/2019 Hornchurch

Very good course, learned alot of new things

Very well executed

IPAF 25/02/2019 Hornchurch