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Page 14 :Kingfisher Access Testimonials

Was a good productive day

Top bloke, learnt a lot.

Great day, learnt loads.

Another good training session, was very helpful for the future.

Another good and productive day.

Excellent course, well delivered and professional.

Great course, enjoyable.

PASMA 21/12/2018 Hornchurch

Brilliant course, presented brilliantly.

Very good, presented very well.

Very good course, short and clear.

Course well presented.

PASMA 03/01/2019 Hornchurch

The training was very informative and I wasn't left confused and the instructor explained everything well.

IPAF 1001/2019 Hornchurch

Could possibly shorten theory content but other than that, very good training.

Really good instructors, easy to understand. Thank you for lunch !

Lovely man.

IPAF 09/01/2019 Hornchurch

Easy to learn, very useful.

Excellent organised training thanks to Steve.

IPAF 03/01/2019 Hornchurch

Instructors were very helpful to explain and answered all my questions.

Superb professional delivery, really enjoyed course.

IPAF 02/01/2019 Hornchurch

A full day of intense training, well executed by Robin King

IPAF 22/12/2018 Hornchurch

Was helpful and understanding, was a good course.

Good learning exercise to gain qualification/certification. Would recommend.

IPAF 20/12/2018 Hornchurch

Real good course and instructor was great and put you at ease so you had more confidence.

Enjoyed myself

Excellent training and good day all round, thank you

Enjoyed everything about the course, very funny instructors made my day.

Brilliant instructors, well kept machinery, very accommodating.

Very well organised, delivered in a way to make it easy to understand.

IPAF 18/12/2018 Hornchurch

Instructor very helpful

Very pleasant instructor

Instructor was lively and kept the course flowing

Excellent course

Good Thanks

IPAF 18/12/18 Hornchurch