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Page 6 :Kingfisher Access Testimonials

Went through very thoroughly, shown how to use the lifter in great detail.

First class service!

IPAF 05/07/2019 Hornchurch

Training was done in a very relaxed and professional environment!

IPAF 03/07/2019 Hornchurch

Good training session, excellent tutor!

IPAF 29/06/2019 Hornchurch

course material was presented very clearly and good explanations provided for candidate questions. Very happy with the course!

IPAF 28/06/2019 Hornchurch

Steve was a good examiner that knew what he was talking about! The pizza was a good touch aswell, thank you!

IPAF 26/06/2019 Hornchurch

Amazing course, even better instructor!

Really good learning course!

PASMA 24/06/19 Hornchurch

Very thorough and comprehensive course!

Method of instruction excellent! From initial theory to test paper an improvement was made so well done!

IPAF 20/06/2019 Hornchurch

I enjoyed every bit of the training, lively yet focused!

Professional and smooth course. Excellent!

IPAF 18/06/2019 Hornchurch

Instructor was really fun from the beginning to the end; really energetic!

IPAF 14/06/2019 Hornchurch

Instructor very informative and friendly!

Every aspect of the course was explained in an easy way to understand which is refreshing for a course!

Well rehearsed course with good tutors/examiners!

IPAF 12/062019 Hornchurch