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Kingfisher Access

Page 8 :Kingfisher Access Testimonials

Excellent course, well explained and demonstrated

Great day, brilliant instructor, good lunch, what more do you need !!

PASMA 23/05/2019 Hornchurch

Ian was excellend great stuff, good man, thanks Ian.

IPAF 22/05/2019 Hornchurch

Great atmosphere and was informative

Made me more aware of health and safety

IPAF 20/05/2019 Hornchurch

Very well presented

Very enjoyable course. Great instructor.

PASMA 17/05/19 Hornchurch

instructor was great and friendly, course was as expected.

IPAF 16/05/2019 Hornchurch

Ian is a very good trainer, I will recommend Ian and the centre to anyone.

All good

Very well done thanks

Very good, enjoyed

Great course and content, Good trainer
Comfortable and relaxed environment

PASMA 15/05/19 Hornchurch

Very good course

Very good instructor and teacher taught us thoroughly

Very good content and well presented

Great centre, more options for lunch but overall a great, fantastic day. Amazing teacher and teaching.

IPAF 15/05/2019 Hornchurch

All good, impressed with instructors

More custard creams required

IPAF 09/05/2019 Hornchurch

Very good, enjoyed it

Both instructors were excellent and made the day enjoyable

IPAF 02/05/2019 Hornchurch

Course was very good, I really enjoyed the course!

IPAF 01/05/2019 ON SITE